Non-Profit Programs

EMRAP: Soup 4 Friends
EMRAP: Senior Lunch Program
Eastern Madera County SPCA

Community Businesses

                                     Oakhurst / Ahwahnee                                                                                                   

Healing the Mind and Body through Yoga

Lisa is one of Oakhurst's many avid and trained yoga instructors, with a BA in Psychology, certificates in nutrition, exercise and Healing Touch. She offers both private group and individual sessions and can skillfully and safely adapt any pose to suit your needs and abilities. With many years of training and experience teaching classes and private sessions in the community, a session with Lisa will not only leave your body feeling relaxed, but you will often find your mind more peaceful after a session with Lisa. She offers multiple classes, suitable for ages 18 and up, starting with Gentle Stretch, Basic Flow and Advanced Flow. There are many ways to get started with Lisa, you can reach out personally to get scheduled at, call 858-337-8353.

Rock Climbing Classes and Shuteye Ridge Climbing Camp
One of Oakhurst's most avid climbers is sharing his rock climbing skills in his new classes and Shuteye Ridge Climbing Camp Summer 2021. With years of guide training and climbing experience both in climbing gyms in the Bay Area and on the rock faces all over our local mountains and in Yosemite, partnered with his multiple wildlife and safety certifications, Mike is eager to share his skills and love of climbing with the community. Mike offers two classes, suitable for ages 6 and up, Climbing for Beginners and Advanced Climbing Skills. Reach out and connect with Mike Arechiga to get scheduled at or call 650-868-4188.
Fitness with Sarah
Sarah is a fitness trainer based in Oakhurst Area, with certifications in personal training, sports nutrition and weight management. Her main focus is in power flow yoga and hybrid workouts. She is eager to help everyone feel healthy and live an active lifestyle with her classes. She can be reached by phone at 559-676-6679 or by email at to schedule a private session. Or sign up for a class with Sarah here.
Tatanka's Martial Arts Academy

Tatanka's Martial Arts Academy is founded based on the life-altering lessons taught by Master Willy Cahill, and what Coach Kasi learned from him. He taught that it's not just about the art of Judo, but what it means to treat both oneself and others with dignity, respect, and kindness.

At Tatanka's, everyone is welcome - we set aside our differences at the door, and focus on bringing out the best in each person. We ourselves only develop so long as we help those around us also improve, and we strive to impart that to our students. We are all a family, from the members that have been with us for years, to the person that just walked through the doors, and this is the philosophy upon which Tatanka's is run.

Coach Kasi has spent time training in Tai-Chi, Kung Fu San Soo, Folkstyle Wrestling, Kenpo Karate, Shotokan Karate, Japanese Jujitsu, Sport Jujitsu, and Sport Karate. She received shodan level black belt in Karate in 2017, through Mariposa Martial Arts Academy.  She is both SafeSport and CDC Heads Up certified. Aside from her martial arts background, Coach Kasi obtained her BA in Child and Adolescent Development. With 15 years either coaching/teaching, has allowed her to develop a stimulating, enriching program for students of all ages.

 Tatanka's - Martial Arts, Karate, Self Defense (  (559) 676 - 1338

Pedal Forward Bikes and Adventures

Learn All About Pedal Forward

 Bikes and Adventures We are more than an ordinary bike shop. As local outdoor enthusiasts, we provide concierge services with detailed recommendations on where to ride, hike, and recreate based on your ability and interests. Think of us as your one-stop location for gear, repair, and recreational advice.  We offer a clean, inviting environment with a ‘Chill Zone’ to relax and watch biking videos.

Check out their catalogue of all the best Bike Trails in the region

Yosemite Dance
Gold Dust Dancers
Golden Chain Theater: School of Performing Arts
Gymnastics By Diane
Yosemite Composite MTB Team

                  Coarsegold / Yosemite Lakes Park / Raymond                          

The Nutrition and Fitness Hubb

Welcome to The Nutrition and Fitness Hubb. (The Hubb) Where your health and wellness come together! This is your place for nutrition tips & conversation, group class info, and inspiration to be the healthiest version of yourself!

Coaches Sarrah & Ken

The Nutrition and Fitness Hubb | Facebook

River Red Studios
Coarsegold Kenpo Karate
Classes Information listed on the Coarsegold Community Page

                                             North Fork / O'Neals                                           

Paint the Sierra
Paint the Sierra offers a choose your own adventure Plein Air art experience. With your class you will receive all necessary materials to create your masterpiece along with a guided lesson at the destination of your choosing. A great way to spend a day unwinding from the hustle and bustle of your travels. It also makes for a great group event!  Visit our Website or call 559-676-0288 to book your adventure
The Studio
More coming soon...

This is only a partial list of instructors and businesses in the local areas that offer recreational services within our community and have reached out to or been been recommended to Eastern Madera Recreation and Parks. It is the responsibility of all person(s) to do their due diligence in researching instructors, classes and businesses. Making sure they meet the person(s) personal needs and expectations pertaining to the safety of the instruction style and location. Eastern Madera Recreation and Parks is not liable as we only serve as a centralized location to search for local, community based recreational services.