EMRAP Volunteering Coalition is opened to all community members.

Eastern Madera County area is a community of unincorporated towns, we are responsible for funding and volunteering in our efforts to beautify and enhance our community. Money is one solution, but not always the needed solution. In this case, it is imperative that we build a coalition of volunteers who embody a pride of ownership over our parks, trails and recreational programs. A coalition who regularly assists and seeks to protect the community.

Ongoing Volunteering Opportunities

Annual Community Spring Clean Days

Every Spring we do a once a month clean-up day in February, March, April & May. We aim for the first Saturday of every month and we try to work with as many of the service groups in the community. The goal is to assist the park, trails and community centers with gardening, organizing or painting projects. As all of these facilities are volunteer organizations just like us!

Soup 4 Friends: Weekly Soup Kitchen

Every Sunday volunteers gather at the Oakhurst Community Center to prepare multiple meals to be delivered to the unhoused residents of our mountain community. They operate under Eastern Madera Recreation & Parks 501c3. 

Interested in volunteering email easternmaderarec@gmail.com


Eastern Madera Recreation & Parks Volunteer Opportunities

Media Volunteer Opportunities

EMRAP is looking to find volunteers who are interested in helping us in the media fields. Assisting with management of our Facebook, and Instagram accounts. As well as interest in expanding in to an entirely new sector, youtube videos and possibly even a podcast.

Interested in volunteering email easternmaderarec@gmail.com

Grant Writing/Review Opportunities

EMRAP is looking to find volunteers who are interested in helping us stay on top of all the possible grant opportunities that we can go after to make our community better, from facilities to programs and everything in between. Assisting with research and information gathering. Additionally if you have the grant writing skill set and would be happy to assist with actually writing or just reviewing our grants that would be greatly appreciated too.

Interested in volunteering email easternmaderarec@gmail.com

Past Volunteering Opportunities

Eatern Madera Recreation and Parks & Bobby Macaulay for supervisor 2022 Present (1)

Saturday, May 1st, 2021 Fresno Flats Clean-up Day

April 10th, 2021 River Parkway Trails Clean-up 

March 6th, 2021 River Parkway Trails Clean-up